Our Cemeteries

Sparta and Dale cemeteries are both located in the Village of Ossining, Sparta to the south, Dale to the north. Of the two, Sparta is the older, founded before the American Revolution in the mid 18th-century as the burying ground for the area’s first Presbyterian church. Dale was founded in 1852 as part of the Rural Cemeteries Movement, and is home to many of Ossining’s prominent citizens. Both are owned and maintained by the Town of Ossining.


Sparta Cemetery

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Originally called Sparta Burying Ground, this early American cemetery is among the oldest in Westchester County. Sparta Cemetery is a poignant place to explore Ossining’s early history.


Dale Cemetery

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With its park-like setting, Dale Cemetery is place where both the dead and the living could find peace and tranquility in beautiful natural surroundings.